Cavallo Play

New product design for innovative concept

Mokate Choco Duo

graphics lifting for chocolate-based not drinks


brand identity and packaging re-design for Central Europe

Dulux woodcare

portfolio visual planning and packaging revolutionary changer


global brand identity, packaging, POSM and bottle shapes creation

Milano Superslim

packaging graphics and naming creation for new stick format


brand & packaging graphics launch for Turkish market

Orbit White

making brand feminine vis packaging re-design

Milano fan-pack

total product concept and graphics for unique pack format


re-design brandingu, butelek i grafiki piwa austriackiego

Warka Strong Dwusłodowy

brand and packaging re-design for stout beer category leader

Unique bugles by PepsiCo.

How to brand new category of salty snacks

Dunhill Core

global re-branding of famous prestige brand

K2 car cosmetics & chemicals

new brand identity and packaging revolutionary re-design


creating the brand from scratch

Dulux Colours of the World

packaging graphics re-design for core product range


brand re-juvenation for the Baltic coast local beer brand

Cheetos extruders

graphics creation for family packs

Golden Pralines & Plums

visual harmonisation and premiumisation for various pralines


new bottle structure and identity re-juvenation

Peter Stuveysant

premiumisation of iconic tobacco brand for South Africa


brand identity and packaging re-design for wood-care brand


packaging re-juvenation for wide portfolio of cheeses and spreads

Lech Shandy

wizerunek nowego produktu w portfolio marki Lech

Avon Cosmetics

creation of innovative bottle shape having 4 unique facings 😉


complex re-branding for 2-generations soft drink


rewitalizacja brandingu i opakowań ikony piw z Bułgarii


premiumisation for one iconic chocolate brand


bottle structure, brand identity and graphics for premium wheat beer

Holsten International

brand identity and packaging re-design for original German beer brand

Lech Free

brand new graphics for alcohol-free beer range

Tymbark Fruits of the World

graphics re-juvenation for exotic juices range

Pelavo – science meets nature

Fascinating re-branding on kids OTC market

Green Mill Cider

new brand naming and identity for SABMiller

Jacobs Krönung Edycja Limitowana

seasonal packaging design for the famous coffee brand

Bols Vodka

creating the brand from scratch

Knorr Russia & CEE

brand packaging creation and harmonisation for the Central Europe

Ibuprom RR

design identity for an innovative painkiller

Bryza washing powders

Lifting identyfikacji dla lidera segmentu

Knorr Cup-a-Soup

bringing real emotions to the hot drink snack

Jacobs + On-the-Go Cafe

co-branding design creation + interior design


brand identity and packaging re-design for mineral water brand

Mokate branding & packaging

brand identity and packaging re-juvenation

Mokate Muesli + Yoghurt Mousse

packaging design re-juvenation for instant desserts


packaging graphics for North African juice brand


bringing local brand onto global cosmetics scene

Cavallo Pure – esencja tytoniu

new product development and its graphics

Carlsberg Export

new iconic design for premium beer variant


360-degree re-design for one of the most valuable Danone brands


premiumisation for indulgence crisps range in the CEE region

Dunhill Mist & Frost

new product design for Korean market


revolutionary re-branding for the leading fish brand

Zipfer Lemon

flavoured beer design creation of the Austria’s famous brand


brand and packaging re-design for European markets

Vogue Arome

new product graphics creation + brand architecture re-sturcture

Danio Summer Edition

graphics concepts for seasonal flavours


brand identity and packaging upgrade for the leading CEE juice brand

Goplana chocolates & pralines

brand identity re-design and packaging development for several assortments


graphics re-juvenation for exotic juices range

Prince Polo

the very first branded graphics for the cult wafer

Frugo Lemo

new product identity creation for lemonades


graphic premiumisation for the sausage market leader

Górska Natura

brand identity and packaging graphics for mineral waters

Ursus Premium

limited edition packs for iconic beer of Romania

Lay’s Wavy

packaging design for Lay’s line extension


Mr Snack returns as a monster!

Cavallo inspracje art & fashion

Cavallo inspired by art & fashion

Sunbites cereal thins

packaging design for new brand and cereal crisps range


brand and packaging lifting for economy laundry brand


packaging graphics for new products – full-grain chilled porridge

Castle Milk Stout

new product graphics – as line extention

Dunhill Perfectionists

graphics creation for range of limited edition packs

Lay’s + Leo Messi

international brand identity for EURO2016 promotion

Lay’s Strong

packaging design for new product concept of the best selling crisps


graphics re-juvenation for famous German biscuit brand

Brau Union Kingsize PET

multi-market project of PET bottle structures for the CEE region


lifting identyfikacji marki na rynek europejski

Orbit for Kids

sub-brand identity and packaging development for kids range

Tyskie Branding & Packs

nowa grafika jednego z liderów rynku piwa

Tyskie vintage

new product creation – both bottle structure and its graphics


EasyGrip – unique bottle structure design – respect of SABMiller HQ


Nasal infection expert re-branded

Heineken Music

ocassional branding and packaging for the Europe’s biggest summer festival

Orbit tube

generic pack converted to million-sale success


brand logo re-juvenation and packaging re-design for 4 sweet segments

Nano gas cylinder

brand identity for ultra-light innovative product

Provicia di Torino

unique bottle shape for Italian vinery associations


integrated design project incl. naming, bottle shape and graphics

Cavallo w szykownej odsłonie

Poszerzanie portfolio przez premiumizacja